Hello, we are


A social enterprise that breaks employment barriers for People with Disabilities (PWD)
while helping small businesses close execution gap using technology.

Building the Future of our Community

Virtualahan is a social enterprise that breaks down employment barriers for People with Disability using technology. We provide them with digital skills training to work as online service providers in the outsourcing industry. We are working towards an inclusive, productive, sustainable, and meaningful workplace that is free from discrimination.

We also help them find jobs through the help of our ourtsourcing partners by placing them to work as virtual assistants, customer service representatives, transcriptionist, data managers and others.

In the process, we are building, a safe community that nurtures the well-being of its members and their families. Our dream is to co-create an inclusive, sustainable, and meaningful workplace that treats you as an equal, protects your courage, and empowers you to shine!


An inclusive and productive workplace where everyone can thrive

social mission

Empowering people to become productive and active citizens through skills, employment, well-being and advocacy


Hello I'm Grace

I was born with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and my muscles are too weak to support my mobility. I wasn’t able to attend college because my family couldn’t afford to so I trained at Virtualahan and they helped me land on a job. Now I am working as a Customer Service Representative and CRM Manager for a startup based in Philadelphia. My income can now support my therapies and the daily needs of my family.

Grace de Loyola, 25
Batch 13 Graduate


We have taken advantage of the power of the internet and the growing outsourcing industry to fulfill our mission which is to promote inclusive and sustainable employment, decent and productive work for all, and a workplace that treats everyone as an equal.