Virtualahan empowers disadvantaged people by outsourcing digital work to people with medical, physical and psycho-social disabilities in a developing country like the Philippines. We use the internet- based model called “microwork” to break down large-scale digital projects from clients into smaller tasks for workers to complete. Our workers are highly trained and are paid 25% higher than the local minimum wage. Our impact formula is a six-week blended adult-learning type of digital skills training, three months of employment support, one-year life-coaching program through our well-being sessions, and other advocacy campaigns. We measure our impact by focusing on the relationship between earnings and quality of life- and the role that formal work can play in increasing both. Virtualahan is the 2017 winner of Google Business Group Stories. It has also been awarded as the 2017 Outstanding Tech Visionary Award by Lenovo counts Accenture, Globe Telecom and Philippine Business for Social Progress among its partners.


We train disadvantaged individuals with digital skills to support digital companies in growing their business. We provide highly skilled human workforce who can mine, train and manage your large data sets, provides excellent customer experience, source and moderate content, and conduct user and accessibility testing. We believe that we can be a force for positive change, capable of moving both our clients’ business and our social mission to create tangible impact.


We are inventing the future of work where no one is left behind.

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DICT Building, Magsaysay Avenue, Davao City, Philippines

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