Happiness and contentment filled the once half-empty soul.

I’m back to myself and to who I was before my accident.


For some, change is good since it breaks life’s monotony and adds on to colorful details to the ordinary. But for many, change isn’t as easy as it seems especially when it makes them get off their comfort zones leaving them to try options that are beyond the reality they could grasp.

I have friends who struggle through life because of the inevitability that change brings. There are those who gave up and there are those just try to live in autopilot just letting the days pass while looking at the hour glass. Only a few choose to go beyond these tendencies and embrace with open arms the modifications of human existence. Well, I chose to be the latter.

After my motorcycle accident in 2010, my life changed overtime. It gave me my condition, paraplegia. I could not move the lower part of my body from my hips down to my feet, which meant that I have to be in a wheelchair.

At first, the struggle was real. I was emotionally down, I continuously questioned why this happened to me. “Of all people in this planet, why me?” Apart from the surging emotions that came along the pain, I also had to deal with the physical changes I must take. Since I could not move my legs and feet, I had to get used to moving around through other means.

I remember the first few months of my adjustments, my mom had to help me out in taking a bath which felt very off for me because I became independent at a very young age. Those were challenging moments for me. I loathed what happened to me caused by that accident and more so my situation. I cried and struggled emotionally and physically but I chose to wake up and shrug off all thoughts of pessimism. Pitying myself won’t do me any good. I decided to turn all attention to get used to the new life I have now. I opened myself to the changes and just filled my thoughts and my surroundings with assurance of a better tomorrow as long as I keep my eyes on the wonderful things around me.

Since then, my eyes found new light in life. Happiness and contentment filled the once half-empty soul. I’m back to myself and to who I was before my accident. I’m back to living my life of adventures and excitement. I got back the independence that I was used to. I have my own work and my own business, I can take myself to places I want, I can even drive and pay bills on my own. I can technically do the things I used to do before.

I am almost as independent as I was. I am living life to its fullest after I have adapted to the changes my life had to take. I didn’t fight off the tides of change but I ride along the currents enjoying both life’s rocky and calm flow.

It is possible as long as we keep an open mind and dwell on life’s positivity.




Batch 17

Albay  Province


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  1. Amazing story… I could visualize the whole story sitting far away from your country.
    What I would have liked to read more is also about how vitualahan intervened in your life and what did you learn from them? 🙂 In a simple way, what and how virtualahan assisted you in overcoming this feeling?

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