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Step 1- Free Consultation

We will schedule a 30-minute call to better understand your need, align it with our expertise, and identify the best steps moving forward for your business. Your consultant will always be available to help you build your outsourcing acumen and to make sure that you get the most out of every service your avail.

Step 2- Meet your Accountability Manager (AM)

We will connect you with your personal AM who will assist you in your project so you only talk to one person and to minimize back and forth. Your AM can also help you in breaking down your tasks and is accountable for the quality of the deliverables.

Now everyone can afford a reliable team.

Step 3- Purchase your First Block

Now that you’ve identified the tasks you can delegate and an AM to manage it, it’s time to purchase your first block. Your AM and team will then be ready within 48 hours after the payment is received. We have a minimum of 10 hours with 2 hours free on your first purchase in any of our packages as a welcome gift.

Now everyone can afford a reliable team.

Step 4- Work Smarter

You now have a large team with a diverse set of skills to utilize. Need transcription this week, changes to your website the next and some ongoing social media posting support. No problem. We will always be there to help you mix and match the team members skills you need when you need them using your flat-rate block of hours

Now everyone can afford a reliable team.

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We will do our best to respond to your message right away. Thank you for believing in our mission!