What Could Go Wrong?

“…anything could happen to anyone at the least expected time, place and circumstance.” I have to be honest. I am not that comfortable telling my

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Breaking the Rhythm

Looking back, all these were just a blurry dream, something that I could only hope for. Human life has its rhythms. There are ups and

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She Changed Me

If there’s one choice that I would never regret having, that would be having my daughter. She came at the least expected time. She was

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Second Chances

I sulked in the sadness of the changes of my life, things are not the same.   Everything came fast and easy for me. I

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Carried in His Arms

“…there were even times that my father had to carry me on his shoulders just so I could attend school.”   I’m Michelle from Cainta,

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Braving the Stigma

Sometimes it felt like I was losing my identity. I was trapped in a world I could not get out of, all alone because no

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Born Different

my disability would never dwindle my spirit.   I’m Vladimir Amadeus Felizco Medina, fondly called Vlad by the people around me. I was born and

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I’m Quadriplegic

I’m scared that I would drown in my own voice of hopelessness and no one is listening. I’m Ronniel. I’m fondly called Ron by the

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A tiny bruise could cause me to bleed profusely to the point of draining me with my own blood. People love the sights of red

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The Good and Hopeful

“Don’t be afraid and have courage so that people will not pity you. Even if you have a disability, prove that you can. Show them

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My Eyes in the Dark

I have always found bliss in my blindness. Life is a series of choices! This means our options are not just between a YES or

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My Cerebral Palsy and Me

…my parents were already informed that their child would live a difficult life. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is an incurable movement disorder that generally appear during

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Unmet Expectations

I bear the semblance of what is “normal” in the eyes of many. But as time goes by, I realize that I am not among

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How Her Love Changed

“She was scared to get near me and thought that my psoriasis is something contagious…” What’s worse than being rejected by the person you love

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The Island Ride

“Sometimes, bad things happen to prepare us for the better things to come.” I am Arlene Cañete from Catarman, Camiguin. My hometown is a small

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I Hear Life’s Music

I was not born deaf. I was perfectly normal until life had its turns. When I was nine years old, I got infected with bacterial

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Imperfectly Perfect

I am Anne Honelyne Rigor fondly called Honey by my friends. I have Noonan Syndrome. Though it is a common genetic syndrome associated with heart

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Adapting to Change

For some, change is good since it breaks life’s monotony and adds on to colorful details to the ordinary. But for many, change isn’t as

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Young, Wild and Free

I am Ronald Go from Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. I am quadriplegic and here is my story. In 2006, I was at the height

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Love God More in Disability

Before I had my condition, I was very active and competitive. I played different kinds of sports like running, basketball and badminton and eventually joined the varsity team. I was very active and sporty, in fact my varsity privileges helped me finish my degree in Accountancy.

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A six-week digital skills training using blended life-long learning approach. The curriculum is co-developed with Accenture and British Council and delivered 100% online.


Three months of employment support or one year of business mentorship depending on which track a graduate decides to take at the end of the six-weeks training.


Life-coaching through well-being sessions led by our resident psychologist with a strong focus on restoring human dignity, embracing disability, career guidance, patient education, and community-based therapy.

Community Building and System Change

Community projects led by Virtualahan alumni such as awareness campaigns, policy recommendations, public events, and activities focused on advancing SDG 1, 3, 8, 10 and 17.