Billie Bautista

is an online entrepreneur with over 15 years of combined experience in the Business Process Outsourcing as well as the online freelancing industry. He is also an entrepreneur and sought-after motivational speaker. He handles sessions in client interviews, best practices as an online professional., graphic design, video editing, blogging and public speaking.

Maita Eg-ogan

is an executive coach and trainer for Junior Chambers International prior to joining Virtualahan. She is also writer with extensive academic expertise spanning from psychology, literature and marketing. She is handling sessions in customer service and communication clinics. She is also building processes and overseas the training operations.

John Michael Navales

“is an automation specialist. He is working with business executives to automate most of their processes and workflows. He also has extensive experience working as Level-2 tech support representative in the BPO industry. He handles sessions on tools, automation and technical support.”

Ronniel Javier

is one of our Virtualahan graduates who is now our employee working for our client in Canada. He handles sessions in Graphic and Web design. Ronniel is also the one who develops the Virtualahan website. He is a creative Graphic Designer. 

Veejay Flores

is a social media marketing expert and an audience builder. He has worked as a training and development head and social media marketer for private agencies. He is presently the social media marketing coach of Virtualahan.

Robert Ng De Vera

Handles the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) courses. His online work experiences vary from Project Management, Operations, SEO Consultation, Sales and Marketing.

Lance Belleza

is also a Virtualahan graduate with years of experience as a corporate executive. He handles sessions on accounting, bookkeeping, and financial automation.