Ryan Gersava

Founder and CEO

Ryan is a licensed medical laboratory scientist, social entrepreneurs, youth leader and public speaker with business training from Ernst and Young, The DO School, Ateneo Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and The Global Good Fund. He is working on strategies, business development and partnerships focused on scaling the social enterprise. He handles sessions in design thinking, lean start-up, and partnership building.

Rose Villamor

Community Builder and Human Resource Officer)

Rose is a licensed nurse working closely with our beneficiaries. She has been awarded for her work in mental health institutions and her strong background in psychology enables her to build our strong community. She recruits and screens candidates to undergo our program, facilitates our support group sessions, and working closely with our volunteers in our advocacy projects. She is also building strategic partnerships with similar organizations to increase our reach and impact.

Josh Gersava

Chief Training and Employment Officer

Josh has a degree in Computer Technology and has been working online for 8 years now. His strong background in computer technology leads him in developing courses and teaching materials for our training program. He also co-founded an association of online workers with over 50 members in our city where we source most of our coaches. He handles sessions on different ways to make money online.

Chris Del Monte

In-house Psychologist and Counselor

He developed our life coaching and well-being curriculum and also works as our career counselor. He has a son with down-syndrome and his wife is a graduate at Virtualahan. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in psychology.

Jay Mar Albor

Chief Technology Officer

A magna-Claude graduate in Computer Science who is in charge of developing and implementing all the technology aspect of Virtualahan. He also handles sessions on basic web design and development.

Elsie Jane Gersava

Curriculum Developer and Head of Trainers)

A magna-Claude graduate in Education who is continually developing our curriculum and ensures that graduates are fully competent. She is currently finishing her PhD in English Language Studies. She also handles sessions on virtual communication, resume and cover letter writing, and content writing.

Virgie Botenes

Chief Finance Officer and Legal Consultant

A Certified Public Accountant and graduate of Virtualahan who was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. She is taking care of all our financial and legal system including contracts and due diligence. She also handles sessions for Virtualahan Business Group- our entrepreneurship arms focusing on business registration, accreditation, finance, and compliance.

Janeen Gersava

Administrative Officer and School Registrar

Janeen is a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working in Dubai. She is taking care of all our records, reports, and all administrative requirements.