Hello, we are


A social enterprise that breaks employment barriers for People with Disabilities (PWD)
while helping small businesses close execution gap using technology.

Virtualahan provides a one-month intensive skills training, two weeks on the job learning (internship) and a three-month on-going employment support to our successful graduates.
We suggest that you read our requirements carefully to see if this program is for you!

Basic Requirements

  1. Must have a condition that limits you from getting a job.
    • Medical Disability (Hepa B, HIV & AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy, Autoimmune, etc)
    • Mental Disability (Autism, Anxiety Disorders, etc).
    • Physical Disability (Orthopedic, Visually Impaired, Polio, Cerebral Palsy, etc)
  2. Must currently be unemployed
  3. Must have a passion for learning
  4. Must be self-starter
  5. Must have positive attitude and willingness to give back to the community

Skills Requirements

  1. Must be computer literate
  2. Must know how to use Google to solve problems
  3. Must be good at communication
  4. Must be organized and have attention to details
  5. BPO experience is a plus but not necessary

Technical Requirements

  1. Must have a working computer. Desktop or PC, Windows 8 and above or Mac
  2. Must have stable internet connection. At least 3 Mbps with a maximum of 3 people sharing.
  3. Must have a quiet and comfortable home office


We have taken advantage of the power of the internet and the growing outsourcing industry to fulfill our mission which is to promote inclusive and sustainable employment, decent and productive work for all, and a workplace that treats everyone as an equal.