2019 Mid Year Social Impact Report

Virtualahan Inc. conducted a social impact survey in early June 2019 to assess the journey of our scholars after completing our program which follows our impact formula. It seeks to measure the quality of our impact focusing on the effectiveness of our training, employment support, community building, and overall impact to the quality of life of our community members.


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*The Average Daily Basic Pay of Wage and Salary Workers in The Philippines is Php 415. 17(2017) according to the Department of Labor and Employment which means that Virtualahan graduates significantly earn more than the average wage and salary workers in the Philippines.

**Virtualahan is a contestant at The Final Pitch (the first business reality TV in the country) in CNN Philippines aired from March to June 2019

***The Facebook data is from our analytics results from January to early June 2019

2019 Mid-Year Social Impact Survey

Sampling Profile

  • 96 learners joined the social impact survey as respondents.

Gender Balance

Of the 96 respondents, 50% are female, 47% are male, while 3% belong to the LGBTQIA+sector.  

Geographic Distribution

Geographically, 41% are based in Luzon, 27% are from Mindanao, 20% are from the National Capital Region, 10% are from the Visayas, while the remaining 2% are based outside the Philippines.

Age Bracket

The youngest is 16 years old while the oldest is 51 years old. 45% are in their 30s, 36% are in their 20s, 15% are in their 40s, 3% are in their 50s, while 1% is in their teenage years.

Condition Distribution

There are 39 respondents with physical conditions, 28 with medical conditions, 10 with psychosocial/mental health conditions, 5 solo parents, 2 each who are former drug dependents, out of school youth, and students, and 1 housewife.

Impact Assessment

Impact on Income and Employment

  • 42% of our alumni were able increase their income through our continued employment support program. Further, said learners tripled their earnings after receiving support from Virtualahan.

Impact on Quality of Life

  • Our alumni rated their confidence level to have increased by 78%. At the start of the program, there were 25 learners who were struggling in accepting their condition. After the program, 23 or 92% of them have embraced their conditions. At the beginning of the program, there were 33 learners who were unable to make decisions for themselves. After the program, 28 of them are already making decisions for themselves or at least participate in the process. 98% of the respondents felt a strong sense of belongingness within the community.  Our graduates rated their overall quality of life has increased by 47% after going through the program and joining the Virtualahan Community. 99% of our alumni claimed that Virtualahan made a positive contribution to their lives.

Words from our Alumni

Taken directly from our anonymous impact survey

What significant impact did Virtualahan make in your life?

Published Academic Research about Virtualahan from UK

  • Exploring an Impact Sourcing Initiative for a Community of People with Disabilities: A Capability Analysis
  • A paper by Karsten Eskelund1 , Richard Heeks2 , and Brian Nicholson1
  • 1 Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK; karsten.eskelund@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
  • 2 Centre for Development Informatics, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

Words from our Alumni

Taken directly from our anonymous impact survey

How much did Virtualahan help you improve your financial situation?

How can you be part of this?

  • We are raising USD$3,500 to complete the renovation of the very first Learning Hub we are building to provide digital literacy training to the indigenous people community in Sultan Kudarat province.
  • We are raising USD$10,000 to provide loan capital to our Virtualahan graduates who started their small businesses through our Virtualahan Business Group Entrepreneurship Training.
  • We need $50,000 additional scholarship funds to help 100 Persons with Disabilities, former drug dependents, and indigenous people to avail our services. The scholarship is $500/person to undergo a six weeks training, three months of employment support, and one year of life coaching. It can be in the form of loan, grants, CSR funding, or donation.
  • We need pro bono help specifically in legal consultation for a hybrid social enterprise model, financial strategy and valuation, fundraising, and advisory board management.
  • We need connections to decision makers in different multinational corporations with country offices in The Philippines, champions of disability inclusion in various governments globally, and impact investors.

Words from our Alumni

Taken directly from our anonymous impact survey

Our Recognitions

Best NGO-Business Partnership  given by Innovation for Inclusive Impact Asia co-hosted by Asian Development Bank – ADB for our collaboration with Accenture Philippines and Philippine Business for Social Progress.

Best Social Enterprise at The Final Pitch, Philippine’s first business reality TV aired in CNN Philippines.

Inspired Leadership Award  (given to  our founder Ryan Gersava) which recognizes emerging leaders driving positive change on a global scale given by The Performance Theater (TPT).

Finalist, Globe Excellence Award of the Globe Telecommunications Company

Words from our Alumni

Taken directly from our anonymous impact survey

How can we better improve our programs at Virtualahan?

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A six-week digital skills training using blended life-long learning approach. The curriculum is co-developed with Accenture and British Council and delivered 100% online.


Three months of employment support or one year of business mentorship depending on which track a graduate decides to take at the end of the six-weeks training.


Life-coaching through well-being sessions led by our resident psychologist with a strong focus on restoring human dignity, embracing disability, career guidance, patient education, and community-based therapy.

Community Building and System Change

Community projects led by Virtualahan alumni such as awareness campaigns, policy recommendations, public events, and activities focused on advancing SDG 1, 3, 8, 10 and 17.