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“Virtualahan is a family”

DAVAO CITY— Virtualahan had its first Mindanao-wide meet up for 2018 last August 5 (Sunday). This year’s meet up location is at Gardena Fresca Pond and Grill, Davao City. Families and friends from all over the city and neighbouring cities came to support and added inspiration to the growing crowd. Virtualahan is about to turn 3 this December and the community is multiplying in number in more than 50 different cities across the archipelago. Giving a validation that the ripples it once made are now making waves, inspiring hundreds in the country and thousands more around the world.

For the people in Virtualahan, it is not just a social enterprise that trains skills, it is “an institution that gives hope”, a “community that offers second chances”, a “safe place from discrimination”, and “a home” for the rejected”. Virtualahan is a family! And we continue to grow together.

Making waves with PhilDev

“To eradicate poverty in the Philippines” is PhilDev’s mission through the programs it creates. PhilDev is a prestigious internationally acclaimed NGO that acknowledges organisations that bring changes to the community. It gathers together the government and private organisations as well as the academe to “harness science and technology for sustainable inclusive economic growth” in the Philippines.

August 30 (Thursday), Virtualahan was represented by Doreen Gersava, facilitator of Virtualahan’s curriculum development, for the final pitching in United Nations Development Program Main Office at the Rockwell Business Centre in Ortigas, Pasig City.

Ryan, Josh and Rose joined her in the live pitch facing the country’s finest business philanthropists. The result is yet to come. Let’s pray for Virtualahan and for the causes it inspires

Virtualahan TV is finally launched!

Last August 13, Virtualahan TV was formally launched through FB live. Billie Bautista, Virtualahan’s life coach, hosts our bimonthly episodes. Virtualahan TV is a Facebook live mini-series that discusses the lives and real life stories of Persons with Disabilities. This aims to educate the general public and create positive awareness towards various medical conditions across the globe.

Accenture Cebu is on board

With the increasing partnerships with business communities to expand employment and technical support, Virtualahan continues to grow linkages with one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines. This collaboration started in 2016 when Accenture main office in the US expressed support to Virtualahan’s cause. Since then, Accenture has been an important support for Virtualahan and its community. September last year, Accenture Manila tied up with Virtualahan’s curriculum development unit to revamp and recreate the existing curriculum, and tailor-fit the courses to the current needs of virtual professionals. And now, Accenture Cebu is on board for more future collaborations. Coach Maita Eg-ogan and Sir Joelito Anabieza met with Accenture team last August 4. We look forward for more projects with you!

Welcome TEAM 23!

We are now on our 23rd Batch! We welcome our newest addition to our class roster and growing community. The Digital and communication skills training started last August 5 and will soon commence this September 13.

VIRTUALAHAN CEO speaks for 2018 Y20

Ryan Gersava, Virtualahan’s founder and CEO represented the Philippines in this year’s 2018 Y20 last August 13-17 in Siglo 21 University Campus, Cardoba, Argentina Y20 is acknowledged to be one of the world’s most influential young leaders international diplomatic forum. It is a recognized platform for young change makers to discuss global economic and social problems, find solutions to identified problems and present them to national leaders in the world. Over 80 young leaders are gathered, with 46 carefully selected official delegates and 30 young special guests with outstanding profiles and experiences in social innovation. This year’s summit focuses on “creating inclusive, disruptive and impactful experience that leaves a legacy”. Virtualahan’s cause has reached several countries in South America, inspiring leaders to follow the blueprint of helping others, especially PWDs through technological and digital innovations. Congratulations Ryan! Congratulations Virtualahan! This is another feat to be proud of!

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A six-week digital skills training using blended life-long learning approach. The curriculum is co-developed with Accenture and British Council and delivered 100% online.


Three months of employment support or one year of business mentorship depending on which track a graduate decides to take at the end of the six-weeks training.


Life-coaching through well-being sessions led by our resident psychologist with a strong focus on restoring human dignity, embracing disability, career guidance, patient education, and community-based therapy.

Community Building and System Change

Community projects led by Virtualahan alumni such as awareness campaigns, policy recommendations, public events, and activities focused on advancing SDG 1, 3, 8, 10 and 17.