Data Training using Human Intelligence

We provide human workforce with high emotional intelligence to complete jobs that humans can do better than computers. Examples are determining emotions on the content that users consume, identifying objects in photos, determining if a hotel is PWD friendly, writing reviews of restaurants, or teaching a machine using photo or voice recognition. The use of a human will always be necessary to determine “gray areas” that require a human touch.

Data Mining and Enrichment

Transform your data into a clean and organized resource that you can trust. Our trained specialists mine, clean, verify and enrich your data sets. We can scan the world wide web to find the information that you need. May it be contact information for lead generation, product research for your online store, or any type of content to feed your AI. We can also input transfer in spreadsheet the business cards you collected or help you build your database.

Content Moderation and Optmization

Manage and refine your visual assets and user generated content with our team of experienced content moderators. We screen, monitor, and approve content to ensure that all information and data uploaded by your users won't violate intellectual property rights or contain inappropriate content. May it be articles, images, videos and audio clips- we make sure that you are protected while keeping the community alive.

User and Accessibility Testng

We apply industry-standard techniques for usability and accessibility evaluatons to ensure that your web tool really works for users and to better understand issues, maximize customer satisfaction and improve the experience for all users – usability improvements geared toward users with disabilites open provide benefits to all users and we have a diverse group of people with disabilites who are experts in providing you with the right feedback.