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GBG story released

The long-awaited Google Business Group (GBG) video story feature of Virtualahan has been released this July for the public to view.

Virtualahan won the 2017 Google Business Group Story Search along with other nine winners worldwide. See full article

Be inspired with the stories of our students, Charina and Joelito. Watch video 

The Global Disability Summit

Last July 24, the world celebrated the 2018 Global Disability
Summit in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The
Government of Kenya along with the International Disability
Alliance (IDA) took the lead in this feat.

This is the first ever event that gives a worldwide mark to
increase awareness in the inclusion of the world’s deprived
sectors— the poorest of the poor and the people with

Over a billion people around the world suffer from varying
disabilities without receiving benefits or legal rights. Many are
left to be dependent to their families and the rest of the society. There is discrimination and deprivation in all sectors: education, healthcare, and employment. 

GDS boldly addressed these issues to deliver change and help create anti-discrimination laws, economic routes as well as employment empowerment through technological innovation. It is a perfect fit with what Virtualahan offers

Virtualahan joins Accenture’s The Future 2018

Ms. Maita Eg-ogan, Virtualahan’s Operations and Management Head, represented the team in Accenture’s Program The Future 2018 last July 29 in Cebu City Philippines.

The event was participated by
students and student leaders all
over Cebu City.

“I am grateful for the opportunity
to share Virtualahan’s story to
inspire students to become life
changers in our community/“

Maita has just been recently
added in the growing Virtualahan family.

Apart from the administrative
tasks, she also helps maximize
national and international reach.
She takes part in harnessing social involvement in the
company’s cause.

“Virtualahan makes real impact
and genuine difference to many
people’s lives not just in the
Philippines but across the globe.

Radio Guesting at GMA Super Radio, Cebu

Virtualahan aims to create awareness locally and internationally. So, when the opportunity knocks, we take it.

Last July 1, Virtualahan received an invitation from JCI WoMandaue to guest in “Ang Kababayen-an Karon” aired in GMA DYSS Super Radyo, Cebu City.

Our very own Visayas correspondent and Operations and Management Head, Ms Maita Eg-Ogan, graced the event and shared Virtualahan’s

“It is our pride to reach out to as many people as we can, in many ways as possible for the ultimate goal to transform lives to disadvantaged individuals.”

The Virtualahan empowerment

Virtuahalan is a social enterprise that empowers people with
disabilities to have digital skills and find sustainable employment through technology.

Since it was instituted in 2015, Virtualahan has been a strong
advocate in disseminating awareness in the Philippines
through digital media and in actual community involvement.

This year, the team took part by giving informative stickers to
the people of Davao. It was participated by Virtualahan
trainees and supporters all over the city.

The information drive is a wonderful opportunity to spread to
help people know that people with disabilities have hope.
They have the chance to start anew, have jobs and become
important part of the society.

Living the Life

Ann Delgado Basalo
Virtualahan Batch 20

Everyone on social media see me as someone who is
“living the life”. I blog, travel, shop and live the dream of every millennial.

But that’s not the the whole story of my life and how I live it. I have dark and bitter parts I don’t normally share, and that is my health condition.

I have Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). It is a congenital condition affecting the wall (septum) that separates the heart’s left and right sides. In a much easier sense, it is a hole in the wall of my heart.

Though I got this since I was born, my parents never told me about it. I was already 19 years old when I figured it out. I have frequent complains why I easily get tired even if I was only walking.

My doctors advised me to avoid all forms of physical activities like walking fast, running, and exerting effort at work. I couldn’t even play any game that requires even a tiny bit physical strength. My activities were constrained and I pitied myself for awhile. But my self-pity didn’t last long because my will to find happiness and fulfilment were a stronger force dragging me from the discouragements brought by my condition.

I chose to let life flow as it should. I decided to think of the good things and the blessings I have and be happy for all the little things I see around.

ASD is still with me and I still have limitations with my
actions but I don’t let it determine my happiness. I
continue to live my life because I choose to do so.