Love God More in Disability

Published by: Lance Balleza

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Before I had my condition, I was very active and competitive. I played different kinds of sports like running, basketball and badminton and eventually joined the varsity team. I was very active and sporty, in fact my varsity privileges helped me finish my degree in Accountancy.

Years later after my college graduation, I worked as an accountant in a local company and later, I had the opportunity to work abroad. My career was at its peak because I had money and opportunities.

However, the sins and desires of this world tagged along with my successes.  I was exposed to graft and corruption, womanizing, and a lot of other temptations.

But the Lord is faithful because He kept me by His side.

In 2011, I came to know the Lord Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. In obedience to God’s design for the family, I resigned from my overseas job despite the large earnings in order to be reunited with my family for good. Everything was going well and we were serving the Lord.

Just as my relationship with my God and my family got stronger, my physicality and mobility got weaker. In February 2015, the strength of my arms and legs declined.

My family and I went to the varied hospitals to seek for medical explanations with what was going on in me. I went through series of tests and frequent doctor visits until I was told of the final diagnosis.

I have Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy or LGMD. It is a group of a rare genetic disorder that affects the voluntary muscles mainly those around the hips and shoulders causing the weakening of my muscles. It made walking and climbing stairs difficult. Even my daily routine like taking a bath and dressing up myself was unbearably difficult because I would easily get tired.

Though there are developing researches for my condition, still there is no definite cure for it.


My body gets weaker and I become more dependent to my wife and daughter as the days pass. But instead of losing hope and faith, I am gaining them more and more. I am able to see the circumstances in a different light.

I see the blessing of my mishap because I am closer to my family than ever. I have felt and continue to feel their unconditional love.

I may not fully discern the Lord’s plan for me but I know He is always with me leading me in every step I take with my family. It may not be in the way I wanted to be, but it is in God’s way.

I fully trust Him in His plans for me because His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

We will continue to submit to His will.

The Strand of Hope

People got scared of them even their own family members because there were not enough scientific and medical explanations about the condition

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