The Icing on the Cake

Published by: Annelie

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They say, life is a piece of cake. If I’d compare my life to cakes, I’d say mine would be Dark Forest. Its name is terrifying but the experience once tasted gives heaven’s bliss. The luscious sweetness makes you want for more.
Before I felt the sweetness of life, it had had its terrifying twists and turns. Aside from career goes and no-goes, I have experienced a part of life that made me cringe in dismay but made me closer to God.
The year 2011 marks the time that turned my plans and future 180 degrees. In the early months of this year, I had the worst attack of psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis, just to give a little background of it, is a long term inflammatory arthritis. The most classic feature of this autoimmune disease is the swelling of the fingers and toes and the skin in these areas becomes red, scaly and itchy at certain points.

I was in Dubai then. The extreme weather conditions triggered the disease. I was already holding a promising career. I was a store supervisor in a national oil company. My husband and I were together there and somehow lived a good overseas life since we were earning really well. But my mishap changed everything.
Getting sick abroad is the worst that could happen to us as overseas workers because we were not at the comforts of our homes and at the care of our family members. So in my case, everything was just between me, my husband and God. It was hard.
I eventually decided to come back and try out other work opportunities here in the Philippines. I resigned from my work and chose my health over my career. I opted to work at the BPO industry for more than six months, however, I resigned because I could not handle the graveyard shift. My psoriasis flared up. But despite it, I am blessed enough that there are certain medications that could help control my worsening condition. I was unemployed for six months because my husband wanted me to fully recover.

As soon as things got better again, I ventured again another pursuit— baking. I opened my home-based cake and pastry business and for four years, I catered for party organizers for their dessert tables. I had a lot of clients who found me online and through referrals. The business really went well but unfortunately, the brain can do more but the body is giving up. My psoriasis was back and I had to consider other options.
Luckily I read about Virtualahan through Psorphil, the organization for people with psoriasis. I took my chances and applied for the scholarship and I was blessed to be one of Virtualahan’s scholars in Team 19.
The training prepared me to the job that I have now. Just a few weeks after the intensive training, I was already hired! Right now I am working as an eBay order processor. This job really helped me because I am not stressed physically and the most importantly my job is home-based. I do not need to travel to and fro just to get to the workplace. I am really happy with what I have now and what I have achieved through the help of the Virtualahan coaches.

Life may turn out terrifying at times, but through God and the right people, we could always taste the sweetness of life. No matter how drastic it is as long as we keep our positive attitude and our faith in Him we would always taste the icing on every cake.

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The Strand of Hope

People got scared of them even their own family members because there were not enough scientific and medical explanations about the condition

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