The Problem

As an entrepreneur, you’ve quickly discovered that a fast-growing business requires many, highly skilled hands on deck. Unfortunately, you’ve also learned that finding quality assistance can be extremely challenging, time-consuming and expensive.

Our Solution

Collaborative Staffing. We conduct 100’s of interviews a week to find the top 2-3% of the online talent pool. We then train and hire these individuals ourselves and provide them with full-time jobs. We create structure, accountability, coaching, management, and opportunities for advancement. Our clients gain complete access to this skilled, engaged talent pool. 100’s of skill sets with a pay as you go, no waste, no commitment billing structure. We have created a user-friendly experience allowing you to work together, effortlessly, at a fraction of the cost.

Now everyone can afford a reliable team.

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A six-week digital skills training using blended life-long learning approach. The curriculum is co-developed with Accenture and British Council and delivered 100% online.


Three months of employment support or one year of business mentorship depending on which track a graduate decides to take at the end of the six-weeks training.


Life-coaching through well-being sessions led by our resident psychologist with a strong focus on restoring human dignity, embracing disability, career guidance, patient education, and community-based therapy.

Community Building and System Change

Community projects led by Virtualahan alumni such as awareness campaigns, policy recommendations, public events, and activities focused on advancing SDG 1, 3, 8, 10 and 17.